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New workshop: Building a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace

From 12 December 2023, the Australian Human Rights Commission will commence monitoring compliance and enforcing the positive duty to eliminate sexual harassment and discrimination. This new positive duty has been in place since December last year.

The positive duty requires organisations to shift their focus to actively preventing workplace sexual harassment rather than responding only after it occurs. There are seven standards to satisfy the new positive duty, including leadership, culture, knowledge, risk management, support, reporting and monitoring.

Together with Elevate Consulting Partners*, we’ve developed a new workshop to help business leaders build their knowledge and act on opportunities to create a safe, respectful, and inclusive workplace culture.

This is a unique opportunity for modern leaders to understand compliance requirements and build inclusive leadership capability in an interactive and engaging way. It draws on our decade of experience in facilitating unconscious bias and inclusive leadership workshops for thousands of leaders around Australia.

We’ve designed this two-hour workshop so that leaders will have:

  1. A better understanding of why a diverse and inclusive workplace matters – for employees, customers, and stakeholders.
  2. Identified types of unconscious bias that hinder diversity and inclusion.
  3. Identified behaviours that constitute sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination and understand the drivers and impacts.
  4. An understanding of the importance of a speak-up culture to help meet:
  • The new positive duty of employers to prevent sexual harassment.
  • New OHS regulations to reduce psychosocial hazards and injuries in the workplace.
  1. A personalised set of actions to help:
  • Make meetings and day-to-day interactions inclusive.
  • Make decisions that leverage diversity of thought and background.
  • Make recruitment and promotion processes fair and objective.
  • Prevent and report harmful behaviour, including actions of bystanders.

*Elevate Consulting Partners is a multi-disciplinary consultancy founded by Prabha Nandagopal, a leading human rights and discrimination lawyer with more than 18 years of experience broadly in human rights including workplace culture reform. Prabha led the development of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s guidelines on the new federal positive duty to eliminate sexual harassment and sex discrimination.

Learn more about the new program here.

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