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Review of your current state (diversity and inclusion diagnostic)

For organisations starting out or refreshing their diversity efforts, our recommended starting point is to conduct a Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostic.

What is a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) diagnostic?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Diagnostic is our assessment of your diversity challenges and opportunities, based on our data-gathering, detailed analysis, and knowledge of Australian and international best practice.

We work with you to identify relevant sites, operations and staff for our research to ensure a comprehensive analysis is achieved. We conduct interviews and focus groups, and undertake surveys, policy reviews, and benchmarking to provide data that tells a clear picture of your opportunities.

“Diversity diagnostics reduce the risk of ineffective and misdirected diversity initiatives for your business that can waste time and absorb resources without achieving real change.”

Dr Katie Spearritt, CEO

How our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Diagnostic works?

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