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Diversity Partners is committed to creating workplaces where LGBTIQ+ employees have a strong sense of belonging. We want all people to feel they can bring their whole selves to work.
Pinnacle Diversity Partners partnership

We turn these words to action in a range of ways. One of these is to display our pronouns in our email signatures and LinkedIn profiles. This is an important way to normalise conversations about gender identity and helps to promote inclusion. As Aubrey Blanche, Head of Equitable Design at Culture Amp, explains:

‘Beginning the conversation around sharing your pronouns is a simple way to normalise not assuming someone’s pronouns or gender – it’s one of the cornerstones of an inclusive culture. . . For most people, their pronouns simply aren’t a big part of their experience. But for people who are constantly questioned or misgendered, the experience can leave them feeling excluded and alienated.’

The Australian Government has published an Inclusive Language Guide, and explains ‘the use of gender-neutral pronouns to refer to a person of unknown gender has a long history. Usage now covers people who either:

  • don’t wish to identify as a particular gender
  • identify as non-binary or gender-fluid.’

As well as sharing pronouns in our signatures and social media profiles, the team at Diversity Partners actively supports LGBTIQ+ inclusion in the diversity and inclusion strategies that we develop with our clients. In 2021, Diversity Partners also signed a three-year partnership agreement with the Pinnacle Foundation that provides educational scholarships, mentoring and opportunities for young LGBTIQ+ Australians to realise their full potential and overcome challenges arising from their identity.

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