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Inclusion in Action – How to be a more inclusive colleague

We’re flexible about delivery. We can deliver workshops or integrate our content into your leadership curriculum. We deliver online and in-person, depending on client needs.

What’s the aim?

To build the skills of your leaders to:

  • Act with inclusion front and centre in their decision-making, team and customer interactions
  • Identify microaggressions and unconscious biases that inhibit diversity and inclusion

How do we approach it?

We use a conversational format to identify inclusive behaviours and subtle acts of exclusion.

The Basics:

Three areas of focus

  • What do we mean by diversity and inclusion (includes a focus on different thinking approaches)
  • What gets in the way: unconscious biases and microaggressions (subtle acts of exclusion)
  • Actions I can take to be a more inclusive colleague during everyday moments (team meetings, decision-making, communicating with each other and clients).

By the end of the workshop, your team members will have:

  • A consistent understanding of why a diverse and inclusive workplace matters, including how it fosters innovation and growth
  • Have a greater understanding of unconscious biases and microaggressions that inhibit diversity (of thinking and demographic background) and inclusion
  • An understanding of ways to be an ‘upstander’ when they notice biases, stereotypes, and other subtle acts of exclusion
  • Identified practical actions they can take to demonstrate intentionally inclusive actions with colleagues and customers
Ten ways to be a more inclusive colleague
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