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Review of Talent Management Policies

We analyse talent management policies and practices to ensure they are fair, consistent and inclusive.

Having an explicit commitment to diversity in talent identification is essential, according to the Business Council of Australia, ‘in order to avoid relying on personal preferences and existing masculine norms and culture – resulting from years of male-dominated leadership teams, and generic talent identification and development’.

We review your policies and practice across the talent management system – from recruitment, performance review, succession planning, to promotion.

We recommend ways to:

  • Reduce unconscious bias
  • Widen the talent pipeline
  • Invite alternative perspectives at key decision-points
  • Integrate best practice from a diversity and inclusion perspective

A policy review helps to hardwire diversity and inclusion in an organisation, adding to the value of ‘softwiring’ through education.

With each client, we agree policies for review. These are typically the following: D&I policy, recruitment policy, parental leave policy, domestic violence policy, harassment policy and code of conduct.

We provide three deliverables:

  1. Review the policies and mark up enhancements to better integrate best practice diversity and inclusion principles
  2. Provide a summary table of our recommendations and why these are important
  3. Facilitate a workshop with policy owners.
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