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Assess Supplier Credibility

We know you want to be confident about the quality, credibility, and experience of the consultancy you choose as your D & I partner. These questions are designed to help you choose a supplier to help your organisation progress your diversity and inclusion objectives and get the best outcome from your investment.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Development

  • What skills and experience does your consultancy offer to support diversity, foster inclusion and reduce bias in organisational cultures (including leadership accountability and behaviours, talent management, policies and processes, measurement, supporting communication strategies and employee engagement etc.)?
  • What practical experiences do your consultants have in embedding strategic programs of work for diversity and inclusion across a range of organisation types and sizes?
  • What’s your experience in identifying diversity challenges and organisational biases? What analytical methodologies do you use?
  • What are the types of diversity and inclusion- related cultural challenges and opportunities you typically identify? Does this differ across industries and what have the impacts of your previously recommended client strategies been for their business?
  • What’s your experience in navigating organisational resistance to diversity and inclusion efforts?
  • What are the most effective ways to achieve buy-in at all levels of the organisation?
  • How do you bring an intersectional lens to your work?

Workshop Delivery

  • How do you create a safe environment for sharing?
  • How do you facilitate meaningful conversations, particularly with participants who may be resistant to concepts being discussed?
  • How do you encourage participants to reflect on their own responses and behaviours in real time?
  • How do you recommend organisations sustain the learning beyond the workshop?
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