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Making the invisible, visible

For someone with an invisible disability, travelling on public transport can be challenging due to sensory, interactive, and other challenges to overcome. We loved hearing about an initiative by one of our Melbourne clients, Metro Trains, that helps make travelling a little more comfortable for passengers with invisible disabilities.

Metro has joined the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Network. This means passengers can wear sunflower lanyards, pin badges or wristbands to discreetly identify they may a little more time, support or assistance. Metro staff members wearing a Sunflower supporter badge show they are familiar with the program.

The sunflower is a globally recognised symbol for invisible disabilities which can include autism, low vision and blindness, mental health conditions and dementia. It began at England’s Gatwick Airport in 2016. Other public places and businesses such as sporting clubs and arts centres have joined the network too.

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