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Four practical ways we help reduce unconscious bias in recruitment and promotion

We’ve recently worked with several organisations to strengthen their recruitment and promotion policies and practices, uncovering a range of ways in which bias has crept into decision-making.

For example, job descriptions contain words associated with gendered stereotypes, vendors aren’t briefed about D&I, hiring managers don’t consistently follow explicit criteria in interviews, and assumptions about roles being full-time are automatic.

If you’re keen to take the next step on diversity and conduct a detailed review of your recruitment and promotion process, there’s four practical ways our team at Diversity Partners can support you.

1. We can educate your hiring managers about the impact of unconscious bias at each stage of the recruitment process – from job advertising to selection & on-boarding – in a two-hour workshop tailored to your organisation’s needs.

2. We can undertake a comprehensive review of your recruitment and promotion policies and practices to identify ways to minimise the potential for unconscious bias, attract a diverse candidate pool, and actively seek out leadership candidates with an inclusion competency.

3. Your organisation can purchase our guide ‘Recruiting Fairly and Objectively: challenging unconscious bias’ and share the guide internally with hiring managers or use it as the basis for workshops led by your People & Culture/HR team.

4. We can join your performance review rating meetings as an independent real-time bias observer.

Photo by cnythzl/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by cnythzl/iStock / Getty Images

To learn more about our Recruitment and Promotion education programs, reviews, and guide, please contact Dr Katie Spearritt on to discuss how we can best support your organisation’s diversity and inclusion progress, and achieve a range of performance and employee engagement benefits.

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