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Tips for creating an inclusive culture: webinar recording

In this recent webinar, Dr. Katie Spearritt, CEO of Diversity Partners, and Lindsay Evans, General Manager of Product and Legal Counsel at Learning Seat by Litmos, discuss the importance of creating an inclusive culture in the workplace.

There’s a range of practical take-aways for business leaders, HR leaders, and diversity practitioners to achieve more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

You’ll learn more about the concepts of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and why it’s really important for Australian and global organisations to focus on both diversity and inclusion to achieve the benefits of diversity, such as greater innovation and improved performance.


Diversity – The differences that each individual can bring, from culture, background and ethnicity to age, experience and perspectives.

Inclusion – The sense of belonging when people feel their workplace culture actively encourages different views and perspectives.



Katie shares  four foundations to achieving progress, including:

  1. Building a consistent understanding among your leaders and employees of what diversity and inclusion mean.
  2. Leading by example from the top.
  3. Understanding that change is systemic and needs a comprehensive targeted strategy.
  4. Promoting intentionally inclusive actions, behaviour and language in day to day interactions (when conducting team meetings, when hiring, when engaging customers).

You can access the webinar recording on the Learning Seat by Litmos website here.

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