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Diverse Thinking = Better Decisions

Our team has compiled this list of questions to help leaders make fair and objective decisions – whether about day-to-day business transactions, client relationships or your team.

The questions are a starting point to encourage reflection on perspectives that may be missing when problem solving and making key decisions.  They also help to reduce the potential for unconscious bias in decision-making:

  • Who is most like me in my team?
  • Who is the person who will challenge me the most?
  • What is the mix of diversity such as age, gender, cultural diversity, in the team?
  • Is our team representative of our customers?
  • If the demographics are similar, is there a risk of groupthink?
  • Who is not represented?
  • Have I sought multiple perspectives before making key decisions?
  • Are meeting times and work arrangements inclusive of the team’s diverse needs?
  • Have I communicated that diversity of background and thinking contributes to team strength and better performance?
  • When recruiting for a new role, have I considered a diverse candidate pool?

These questions are part of our broader Inclusive Leader Self-Assessment resources and training programs. Please click here if you’d like more information.

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