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2023 in review

Our team has greatly appreciated the opportunity to develop DEI strategies and conduct reviews of people and customer policies across a wide variety of industries.

They included universities, large media organisations, transport operators, energy sector organisations, retirement living providers, professional services and superannuation firms, sports organisations, and national and state government authorities.
To inform those strategies, we consulted widely to gather the lived experience of employees and considered customers and broader stakeholders. This meant we could provide more intersectional insights and extend the focus to embedding diversity in product design, marketing and the customer experience. 
Most notably, we saw our retail clients – who include some of Australia’s most iconic brands – make great strides to ensure store designs and products are more inclusive and more representative of Australia’s diverse communities. It’s exciting to see these tangible changes on social media, website design, and in shopping centres.

As one of the approved Panellists by Victoria’s Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector, we also guided Gender Impact Assessments for a range of Victorian government entities. These require organisations to critically consider how their policies, programs and services will meet the differing needs of women, men and gender diverse people, including other aspects of their identity, in the community. The assessments have resulted in many changes to policies and services in emergency services, higher education, local councils, water, transport and government administration.

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